Approach Pesach with Energy Bundle

This bundle was  created thinking of the busy mum, just like me to “Approach Pesach with Energy”

It includes:

1 – A success checklist with your cleaning, shopping, cooking and hosting for Pesach

2- Quick and easy whole food recipes which will promote energy before Pesach and all year around.

3- A selection of delicious Pesach recipes to prevent us from just potatoes and Matzah!

*$ according to the exchange rate with CHF

CHF10.00 /$10* 
The period between Purim and Pesach can get pretty busy and hectic that can make it challenging to stick to your goals and your good habits. That is why I created a bundle for you to “Approach Pesach with Energy” which includes:

1- A success checklist on how to organize your cleaning, grocery tour to have all your Pesach cooking items and Food logs to keep on track with healthy meals during this hectic period and how to plan your Yom Tov cooking.


2- Quick and easy whole food recipes, based on the nutrients that will give you that extra boost of energy to keep up with your Pesach cleaning and the day to day routine.


3- A selection of delicious Pesach recipes that will help you stay on track during Yom Tov, not having to have just Potatoes and Matzah to feel satisfied.

All of the recipes are anti-inflammatory which will give you more energy and make you feel way less bloated than usual.
The key to healthy eating is planning ahead, so one thing that I find incredibly helpful is to make a double batch of a recipe, and use that for leftover lunches (or dinners) during the week.
Take care of yourself this year and Approach your Pesach Seder with Energy by using this amazing bundle for only CHF 10 (equivalent to $10 )


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