An amazing collection of kosher healthy salads for every occasion by Dalia Brunschwig. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Dalia’s coaching experience taught her that after completing her program the hardest for her clients is to keep a balance when it comes to Yamim Tovim, Shabbes and Simchas. She took her time to create, test and compile for you and her clients an easier way to accompany your delicious dishes with healthy salads, and she is here to share it with you.

35 different healthy salads, dips and classics,


Sugar free


Healthy fats


Delicious salad dressings


Tips and notes that will help you substitute ingredients


1 review for Healthy Salads to enhance your Tov Table

  1. Margalit Fliegelmann

    Having been “health conscious” all my life, I thought I knew it all. I then leaved through this book and had to stand corrected. I started preparing some of the dishes and not only were they perfectly easy but also delicious. I got lots of compliments even from members of my family who thought they were rather tired of my “obsession” with healthy food. One of them, a renouned gourmet cook, declared that he would also like to prepare the lentil salad with roasted vegetables. Thanks Daliah for this little gem.

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