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About Jewish Nutrition Coach Dalia Brunschwig

I am grateful for every day...

I was born in Israel and raised in a Sephardic family in Spain. Growing up with a rich Mediterranean diet, I was introduced early on to the natural health benefits of herbs and spices. After spending several years in the UK and then in Israel, I married and moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where the overwhelming majority, including my husband, are Ashkenazi. As a result, I was fortunate enough to become deeply familiarized with the vastly diverse kitchens of different Jewish communities around the world, enabling me now to implement my coaching according to the food customs my clients adhere to.
My own health journey was “born” in a time of great difficulty, when, after a complicated pregnancy and birth of my youngest daughter, I was left in a weakened state that wouldn’t pass. I couldn’t get rid of extra weight, experienced digestion problems and felt so depleted that I had difficulty looking after my family.
After months of this struggle, I started a detox program and after a few days I already felt revitalized and in a short time succeeded in overcoming the issues that had weighed on me for so long. The change was so visible that friends and family approached me for help.

As I began coaching them, I realized that long after I had completed my own reset still felt great and energized because the short-time program had transformed into a steady lifestyle consisting of clean and healthy nutrition; I had learned to communicate with my body and eliminated foods that were incompatible with my metabolism.

About Jewish Nutrition Coach Dalia Brunschwig
My interest in healthy nutrition and living only grew from then on, and after years of studying and learning from many coaches, I received an official diploma as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York City. At the same time, I began developing my programs and specializing in coaching busy Jewish women, helping them adapt according to the Jewish calendar and kosher products at hand, and teaching them how to listen to their bodies in order to reach their goals and objectives.
My background allows me to identify with women from different cultures around the world and assist them in implementing a kosher healthy lifestyle, without giving up on their favorite dishes and meals. Their success is my biggest satisfaction, and I am proud to have coached hundreds of Jewish moms in tuning in with their bodies and achieving happiness through clean food.

My Approach

Most people want to lose weight and are therefore driven to diets that promise them quick results. But again and again they fail either by the harsh conditions of the diet itself or by regaining the lost kilos shortly after having lost them. My approach is different. With my guidance and support you will neither have to suffer to reach your goals nor will you get caught in returning cycles of the yo-yo effect, and, most importantly, you will feel better and healthier.
I teach you how to listen to your body and learn which foods are compatible with your metabolism and which aren’t. My program begins with a guided elimination diet. By first removing and replacing sugar and processed foods you will immediately feel the difference in your body and your mood. Then we’ll experiment with cutting down and incorporating back other foods. With my guidance you will become aware of the body’s symptoms and implement the changes, you will lose weight, regulate digestion, and experience a whole range of other factors of well-being. Some clients are able to reduce medication (as per the doctor’s recommendation).
There is no reason to starve. I guarantee you that you will feel wholly satisfied and look and feel great. My program provides real food alternatives and the right nutrients to maintain a healthy body. Furthermore, I consider and make adjustments for special occasions, and I give you the tools to live a lasting healthy lifestyle, full of clean and tasty food.
Eating right isn’t a burden, but a good habit that makes you the best version of yourself!

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My philosophy that everyone is different, we all have different personalities, genes, size, height, goals and finding a balance in life will differ from person to person.
A healthy lifestyle does not have an end, it is a continuation which can change depending on our experiences at different stages of life.


A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.


Most people focus more on the food that they eat to control their weight and health, however what about all those factors around the plate? the quality of sleep, the physical activity, relationships, etc…. it all affects our wellbeing and the way we would eat.


I believe in healthy habits that nourish, not restrictions that punish. Stand behind your choices and make the best out of them by enjoying life.


Weight loss is important, but it’s not number one; it’s usually number two. Number one is having a healthy relationship with food, feeling in control with food, and having weird food habits go away. By having control, it will also affect the areas you want to improve in your life.


Water is so beneficial, not only it hydrates you but also keeps you being energetic, supports weight loss, prevents flu, kidney stones, protects skin and reduces risk of many diseases among other benefits….