I’m Dalia Brunschwig

certified nutrition health Coach

My own healing journey started after a difficult pregnancy and birth. However the issues and the questions where already there, before. I just never knew it.

After some difficult months, I realized my baby brought me a wonderful gift: to listen to my body. Intuitively, I spent months intuitively, trying to uncover which foods would alleviate my symptoms and help me heal from the inside. As well as identify which ones I was sensitive to and could eliminate.

This allowed me to recover, lose weight and renew my energy in a balanced way that I could maintain.

I know with the right knowledge and support you CAN also reach your health goals while living a life you love. 

where can we help?

With the FULLY IN BALANCE  proven program developed to help motivated Jewish women lose weight, gain energy, strength and confidence through strategic, mindset and kosher nutrition protocols with a balance, taking into consideration our Jewish traditions. 

Start listening to your body and identify your individual needs by having our support you every step of the way.  Dalia is with you until the end… not with perfection but with progress!

Book a FREE 15 min call here and let us understand your current situation and if you are the right fit for this program.

why are we different?

Losing weight is the primary focus for most people, but it goes so much deeper than that.  By evaluating the food that is not on your plate and addressing your mindset and limiting beliefs, so that you not only enjoy the process,  but know exactly how to maintain your healthy weight with your own balance.

That’s where Dalia come’s in! She can identify your blind spot straight away and provide you with smart, sustainable, enjoyable improvements to your lifestyle.

“there is no diet that will do what healthy eating does”


Understand the roots of your habits and how to make a switch.

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work with me


Seasonal 5 day Reset program which will give you the jump start to cleanse your body and gain energy with all the tools and easy delicious recipes.


Balance redefined

Dalia's proven system that will provide the essential ingredients to lose weight and find a 𝒃𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒅 healthy lifestyle once and for all!

For long term results and maintenance.  

This program is for you if…

You are fully motivated in making your life a healthier one.

You are looking for a balanced kosher healthy lifestyle aligned with your family and work.

You want to lose weight and have more energy the kosher way.

You want to get guidance for not only how to eat healthy during weekdays, but also Shabbes and Yom Tov.

Struggle with time management and having no tools to reach your goal.

You want to learn of to listen to your body and identify sensitivities.

You want to  have the tools on how to shift your current habits to be able to maintain your ideal weight.

You want to STOP the guilt around food once and for all.

You want to improve your sleeping quality with the right mindset.

You want to achieve long term results, without the YoYo effect.

How It Works

Schedule a call

Which program is best for you?  Schedule a call with Dalia to understand your health history and your goals.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Whether is a 5 day reset or my signature program, what is vital is YOU and your needs and goals. The steps you need to take to reach it! It will depend on your availability, privacy, support, season of the year and of course your commitment.

Choose your goals

Do you want tips that will help you for the rest of your life, more energy, better sleep, flatter stomach, clearer skin, weight loss, boosted immune system, positive mindset, kitchen stocked with healthy kosher brands or fridge filled with colorful foods?

About Me

I’m Dalia

An integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Through my training, experiences as well as my personal struggles and successes, I provide insight into natural healthy healing, via one-on-one private sessions or a group coaching, always factoring in that no one size fits all and taking into account the kosher diet locally or internationally.
I help clients reach their unique goals, by imparting customized resources, health awareness, tools and the confidence to build and maintain healthy dietary, exercise and lifestyle habits.

I can help – Let me be your guide to a healthier lifestyle!

My Approach

Losing weight is the primary focus for most people, but it goes so much deeper than that. That’s where I come in! I give you the system to teach you how to listen to your body and I guide you to reach your health goals. With my guidance and support you will feel better and learn how to get back on track when you fall off your routine.

A very well organized program! Shopping lists and menu-table make it easy to follow  this diet and take the whole planning off your head. Constant support, availability and tips from the group leader are a tremendous help. I can only recommend

Female, 34, Zurich, Mother of 5

Dalia has not only helped me lose weight in the last 3 months working with her, but I also started listening to my body and eating what I like with no cravings. I thought I would not succeed as I a picky eater . It was a process, but Dalia guided me to understand  the basics of mindfulness, food control with self care and acceptance.  Her program is  brilliant and her accountability unbelievable.

Female, 42, Jerusalem Mother of 4

Dalia’s program matches especially with the life of a working Jewish woman with a family and a kosher kitchen.

I wanted a restart, focus on healthy food and I got it with Dalia. I liked the personal and motivating coaching!! I can only recommend it!

Female, 45, Zurich, Mother of 3

Healthy salads to enhance your table

why this e-book is for you?

We live in a stressful routine, whether it is summer holidays, or back to school and work after a great summer break, we face busy weeks ahead with our day to day routine.

We are always looking for a balance in our life, we look forward to start the day well and to have nutritious meals for ourselves and our families, when it comes to weekend we have sometimes meal preparations and hosting, not to mention when we have festive days ahead of us.
We all know how difficult it can be to stick to healthy habits during these busy weeks.

With so many beautiful occasions in our calendar, shopping, cooking and hosting can become a never ending story… what a better feeling if you can have ideas to serve healthy food with the right nutrients that will benefit your loved ones?

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