some reviews…

I was desperate to change my eating habits and of course, lose some weight. Then I finally came across Dalia who is a certified nutrition health coach who founded fully in balance.
Dalia taught me the concept of clean eating. Sticking to a weekly plan what to shop, what to cook, and finally when and what to eat has definitely changed my lifestyle and made a huge difference in my mindset and of course my appearance.
Thanks, Dalia for making this work for me!
F.Z, Zurich mother of 4
Dalia’s program has changed my eating and drinking habits
completely. Before joining the program I ate without schedule whatever whenever and how much I wanted. Now I’m a changed person. With the help and her coaching of I learned to enjoy my meals and snacks without feeling hungry.
BH lost over 10kg in less than 3 months. My moto= Go for it, stick to it, and loose (the kilos/pounds) it! The great program very well set up, just follow the rules!
G.A 34, Switzerland Mother of 5
Although I am very health conscious, I needed to get back on track with a good plan and not another diet as I was not sleeping well and was lacking the energy to deal with the kids and routine, I was recommended to do Dalia’s Program and I was amazed on how much I learned and how many new habits I could take upon me to stop my late-night cravings and to lose those extra kilos.
The structure, support, and possibilities of the program are unbelievable. I can only recommend it.
S.G 41, Spain
I joined Dalia’s program cos I really wanted to try to get back on healthier eating after Pessach & I like to do the 5-day program because it works for me.
I loved being part of the group it really kept me on track especially with everyone pictures of their dishes, Dalia reminding us all the time to drink & giving us ideas on how & what to prepare for meals.
I would highly recommend anyone to join Dalia’s diet she is there for us all the time every step, we can always ask her any question whether something silly or where to buy the food if it’s kosher, etc & she is there & always answers at any time, she coaches us at all times with everything, which I don’t think everyone would do & especially do with a family around her all the time, Kol Hachoved to her.
G.B, Zurich, mother and grandmother
I’ve joined different groups since September 2018. It was always a very positive and
inspiring experience. I’ve learned a lot about new and healthy products and enjoyed being part of the group. Dalia does her job professionally. She gives out sheets to explain the actual program plus lots of good recipes and weekly meal plans. This all was a big help to keep us accountable and on track. I managed to lose a few kilos and felt much better in myself.
I feel I have all the tools, knowledge and recipes I need to at any time do the ” diet”
on my own. Dalia teaches us skills that will stay for a lifetime. We make the choices of what, how much, and when to eat.
Thank you, Dalia, for doing this great job. Highly recommended.
S.N, 43, Switzerland Mom of 5
I joined the program since I felt the past few months I was eating unhealthy, not in control
So, I signed up to get back into healthy eating habit, I love your recipes they are doable not complicated everything is organized and now I am fully motivated to continue
I like the WhatsApp support group with everyone posting their pictures it gives you a boost to see how they do. She is just the best coach as she is always available, you give good advice and reasonable tips also to keep us going.
What’s not to join anyone who needs a push to get back into your summer clothes from last year
Fully in balance is who you need to contact.
C.R, 43 Zurich, Mom of 5
I joined Dalia’s program as I was experiencing stomach issues for a very long time, after being by many doctors with no real solution, I was curious to see if the elimination program will give answers to my troubles. The layout of the program was amazingly explained and Dalia was always available. Eliminating dairy, gluten, sugar, and other foods I started feeling much better by listening to my body and identifying the food triggers. I also lost weight which was a bonus and enjoyed the recipes and meal plans.
S.G, 38, London England Mother of 6
would absolutely recommend FULLY IN BALANCE’s program, Not only because the program matches especially the life of a woman who works, has Family and a kosher kitchen but the motivation and support are amazing.
I wanted a restart, focus on healthy food and I got it.
S.R, 49, Switzerland Mother of 3
I am thrilled to be in this program and finally, I can fit into clothes that I have not fit in for a long time. I also feel totally cleansed not having taken one morsel of forbidden food into my mouth. I am grateful to Dalia for being our mentor and to the ER for having talked me into this. Thank you and looking forward to the next stage.
E.Z, 69, New York
I’m so glad that I joined Dalia’s 5-day reset program.
It gave me an even better understanding that eating a balanced diet can be both delicious and very filling. I really enjoyed the ‘freedom’ to make my own choices of what I was eating while sticking to the program at the same time.
It was great motivation to share all my hard work with ladies doing the same program and seeing all their hard work was extra motivational too!
I would absolutely recommend this to other people. Great to start your journey to healthier living. I really can’t believe how yum all the food was!
Thank you Dalia for an amazing 5 days. I can’t wait to continue implementing all that you taught me into my daily life.
M.G, Modiin, Israel Mother of 1
I did the “5 Days Reset Program” with Dalia and I can highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to commit to a healthy diet.
The content is great, how she explains everything and also the material she gives you to keep is great.
The level of organization, with the menu for each day and even the shopping list! makes you to not have to even think too much, just read and do what it says.
The quantity of food per day is sooooo abundant that I couldn’t even finish it (and I’m not the kind of person that eats little quantity ).
And one of the key elements of the program is the Support Group and her presence. She is there to help you, to answer your doubts, to encourage you, to make it EASY!
You’ll feel so good after those 5 days (almost sure with less weight) that you will want to stick with it. At least, that is what happened to me.
T.P, 43, Zurich, Switzerland