Rebalance After Shavuot With The Program That Knows How

Transform your life

fully in balance

The Balanced Redefined program is your entry ticket to a new life.

A life in which you will transform your understanding of your own metabolism, your cravings and the reasons behind them; a life in which you will completely change your concept of food, discover what nutrients you need, implement the right habits and reap the physical and mental benefits of a healthy lifestyle; a life in which you can enjoy Shabbat, Yom Tov and Smachot like everyone else without “sinning” and subsequent failing diets; a life in which you feel in control of yourself and feel energized and healthy.


Balanced Redefined
Balanced Redefined review
Balanced Redefined

VIP 12-week small and intimate group coaching program for Jewish women.

You Know You Want To Make A Change,

But You’re Not Sure Where To Begin

The path to feeling and looking amazing is overwhelming.  I can guide you.

Delve into helping yourself for life! Sign up for eight weeks of one-on-one nutritional coaching with me, Dalia. 
Sign up by April 30th and save $500! Spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED.


My approach works because it’s about uncovering what works for YOU. 

Don’t like kale? It won’t be in your meal plan. 
Checked vegetables are too expensive? We will find alternatives
As a coach, it’s not my job to hand-feed you new, impossible rules to follow — it’s my job to know the research, know the science, and have the tools available for you so you can be guided towards what feels good for you. 
That’s what’s different about working with me, and that’s why this program has produced fast yet sustainable results for more than 1000 ladies like you.
Jewish Nutrition Coach Dalia Brunschwig

You don't want another E-book, DIY plan or impersonal program where you are one of too many.

Start believing in yourself and living up to your full potential.

Be able to confidently maintain a healthy weight without restriction, deprivation, or over-exercising so you can love your body and your life.

 When you sign up, you’ll get the VIP support, guidance, and accountability you need to revolutionize your health and redefine your balance for the rest of your life.

Throughout the program you’ll get the coaching you need to pinpoint  the blind spot of what has been holding you back to lose weight and feel better. We will work on listening to your body and layout the exact steps on how to overcome those challenges so the numbers on the scale make you smile for a long time BH and you feel empowered in your body.

Together we will  work through my proven signature 3-essential pillars, applying the lessons and principles to your life to make them habit you can maintain.



Whether in a group or One on One, the support to keep you accountable is unbelievable. You always have clear plan on how to achieve your weekly goals with success and no pressure.

Making it easy to get from A to B without overwhelm.


Included is meal planning, dining out, putting together balanced meals, portion-sizes, learning to listen to your body.

You’ll learn exactly what, and how much, to eat to look and feel your best and maintain your results effortlessly and making it a habit.


Having a healthy relationship with food is key for success. Having the right mindset and understanding the bottom of WHY you eat the way you do (emotional or stress), so that you can make the lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off.

what you get

VIP 12-week small and intimate group coaching program for Jewish women.

“I’ve lost 25 lbs in 11 weeks & still going strong BH!”
“I’m a changed person.”
“Dalia teaches us skills that will stay for a lifetime.”
“…the motivation and support are amazing.”

Flagship Program

This is my flagship program, designed to provide Jewish women with the blueprint for lifelong success. It is highly personalized, focusing you on your own individual body with its needs and dislikes, and at the same time you receive my personal guidance and group support to assure the road to success.

During this program, you will not go hungry, you will learn the essence of food and how it is impacting every aspect of your life, I will provide you with time-saving menu planning tips and healthy recipes and show you how to incorporate clean and healthy food habits into the Jewish and a generally busy calendar, and you will receive all the necessary tools to turn your life around and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


If you are one of those women → Fill out the form, let’s understand your current situation and where you want to be a few weeks from now. (No strings attached)

Fully In Balance Balanced Redefined

Delve into helping yourself for life! Sign up for nutritional and life coaching with me, Dalia – The Jewish Way!

Past Client's Reviews...

I have been struggling with my weight for quite some time until I started applying Dalia's Method. THE PAST 3 MONTHS HAVE BEEN A MOST HUMBLING EXPERIENCE! It is to her credit ALONE that I’ve lost 25 lbs in 11 weeks & still going strong BH! I’m learning new habits daily; reminders for drinking, food logs for tracking, counting how many times I’m chewing, menu planning & the list goes on & on! I will forever be grateful to the RBS”O that he sent DALIA into my life!!!
Female, 68, Toronto
Mother of 10
"A very well organized program! Shopping lists and menu-table make it easy to follow this diet and take the whole planning off your head. Constant support, availability and tips from the group leader are a tremendous help. I can only recommend."
Female, 46, Manchester
Mother of 6
With the Balanced Redefined program I can really see the difference on my body and skin and overall feeling - I lost the wanted weight and I have amazing tools to maintain it in a healthy way that works for me - It was a very positive experience working with Dalia! Thank you so much!
Female, 45, Amsterdam
Mother of 4

Want to start feeling like them?
Apply to Balanced Redefined Now!

For your success


By increasing your intake of whole, clean foods and eating fewer unhealthy, processed items, you can positively impact your overall health and well-being!


You will have the constant support of the group joining the program. All your questions will be answered and guided that you stay on track and motivated and Dalia’s coaching all the way.


Each week meal plan with a detailed guide, recipes and shopping list to know exactly what to have at home and not be hungry. Making sure your blood sugar is balanced not to be hungry during the program!


diet program fully in balanced redefined

In 12-weeks, you can continue to be wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t figure this out, or you can apply for The Balance Redefined Program and get to lose weight in a healthy way with the proven 3-essential pillars, applying the lessons and principles to your life to make them habit you can maintain.

you have the power to change anything

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Throughout the 12 weeks you will learn how to find balance, transforming yourself to a better version of YOU, while taking into consideration our beautiful Judaism, your own day-to-day life, and needs in order to maintain it. I can find your own blind spot and guide you to reach your goal implementing my system and tools for success.

FULLY IN BALANCE offers the coaching to lead a healthier lifestyle. By removing sugar and processed foods in your diet you automatically will lose weight, but it will also improve your energy level, skin, sleep quality and much more, and I even had clients that managed to reduce medication for thyroid or blood pressure (after checking with the doctors).

Yes, absolutely. As soon as you enroll, you will gain access to the course materials week by week and can then go through the modules and download the worksheets at your own pace – as quickly or slowly as you like. You can do the course wherever and whenever you like!  You can join the Group calls bi-weekly and ask your questions based on where you are with the program. 

It starts the moment you enroll!

You can begin right away or whenever is convenient for you. You’ll have lifetime access to the material and my support for 12 consecutive weeks from the day you enroll.

When you enroll, you will  schedule a private 30 minutes 1-on-1 call during your 1st week. During that call we’ll discuss your long-term goals, your current lifestyle and decide on immediate goals and what you need to reach your long term goals.

During each group call we’ll have “round-table”  where you’ll get a chance to ask your personal questions so I can guide you. You’ll also get constant 1-on-1 feedback and guidance on your food journals throughout the program together.

You will get a second private 30 minutes 1-on-1 call after 6 weeks, to make sure you are working towards your goal and feeling a difference.

And of course, you’ll have unlimited access to me during business hours for ANY individual questions that you have in our group and 1-on-1 messenger.

Your “results” will depend on the work that you put in here! Balanced Redefined  is NOT a quick fix or another diet. During the program you’ll learn ALL of the tools, strategies and information you need to find balance with food – Your own balance. Over 500 women just like you have used my proven system with great success, Your “results” will depend on your readiness to work on your habits, and the  commitment that you put in. You’ll have my full support, coaching, accountability and ongoing feedback throughout the entire program. 

No, if you suffer from a condition or eating disorder, please reach out before applying or registering to the program.