diseases vs diet

Diseases vs Diet

Diseases vs Diet

“Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you might never need a doctor” -The Rambam

This is one of my favourite quotes!
Not only because it’s so true, but because the knowledge we need to reverse so many chronic diseases that people are living with today has been known since the time of Rambam ….
The Rambam understood that disease is a result of faulty habits, especially faulty nutrition.Yet, so many people don’t make that connection.
No one thinks they get a disease from the food they eat, they think it’s genetics.
Breast cancer and other cancers, same thing, they believe it’s genetics, not from what they eat.
How could it be that what we’ve been eating for decades, since we were little kids, determine if we will get cancer or another disease later in life? Unfortunately it does.
There are recent studies upon studies confirming that most chronic diseases and even cancers are preventable through diet- but let’s remember Rambam, how his halachic works and recommendations from years and years ago have become integral to our modern-day in Judaism and beyond.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Something so simple, as what we put in our mouths to satiate hunger, determines our health.
It’s so obvious, but so little people actually take it to heart and make actions, or decisions, based on that. They’d rather feed into cravings with what they ate as kids growing up, not realising that it’s those same foods that will lead them to become overweight and unhealthy.
But, it doesn’t have to be that way.
But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For you, you can stop and take a minute before you put another piece of food in your mouth and think…   “Will this help me or will it contribute to health issues later on?”

Even if you grew up hating veggies and eating animal products, you have the choice now.
You also have the responsibility to ask yourself the same question when it comes to what you’re giving your kids to eat. Because what we eat as kids usually ends up being the comfort foods we crave as adults.
Will your kids be the kind that craves ice cream made with cow’s milk and baked goods full of refined white flour, sugar, eggs, and butter?
Will they indulge in a giant smoothie bowl to help them remember the simpler times of being a kid?

It’s up to you – It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, not for yourself, nor for your family.

But if you introduce more of the healthier foods at home, plant based or not! the chances of your children trying it a few times until they start liking it is bigger.

What do you think?

Need some support?

FULLY IN BALANCE’s approach leaves you space for thinking about the important things, not just food!

If you want to hear more how we work and we can support you to reverse any chronic diseases?

If you want to hear more how we work and we can support you to reverse any chronic diseases?

Contact us for a clarity call, it is just as simple as eating REAL foods, with Rambam recommendations but with our guidance.


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