There are always opportunities

There are always opportunities

As we approach Shavuot, let’s make the most of this new beginning of possibilities.

Why do we look forward to Shavuot?

Would it be because we have finally reached the end of the Omer and now we can listen to music, celebrate Smachot and cut and shave hair?

Or perhaps because of the cheesecake and dairy food we have the custom to eat?!

Fortunately, Shavuot is more than that; we remember Hashem gave us the Torah, a very important day in our Jewish History, which opened new opportunities for Am Israel.

Matan Torah had a major impact on the world. Before Matan Torah, Torah and mitzvot could not affect the physical world because it was on a more spiritual level. After Matan Torah, however, Hashem changed the direction where Torah and mitzvot could now affect the world. 

In a certain way I can relate to this, since Shavuot 7 years ago gave me a new chance not only to be here, but also to go on and help other Jewish women to become healthier and find their balance. 

As I celebrate my 7th ‘birthday’ this Shavuot, when I was granted a new lease on life after some very difficult medical situations, I am grateful for every day! 

There are always new opportunities which Hashem gives us.


And now as Shavuot – the Festival of Weeks – approaches, it is a season for preparing oneself to receive the Torah, a time for study and meditation. Similarly, we can prepare our bodies by feeding them with the nutrients they need.

Since maintaining a whole healthy body is one of the ways to serve Hashem – because a person cannot understand or have any knowledge of the Creator if he is ill – therefore, he must distance himself from things that harm the body and conduct himself in ways that are healthful and healing

(Rambam, Hilchot Deot 4:1)

We live in an era of technology, media and stress, and our brains are busier than ever before where we get influenced by the advertisements and packaging.

Processed food and Marketing is everywhere and while I don’t like to label foods, these convenient or pre-prepared, processed foods can really cause health diseases.

If we can take a moment to think about it, we realize that most of the day is spent on physical thoughts – whether it’s coffee, food, internet, clothes etc. That’s okay, each to his own.

But to begin to change this, we should try to give ourselves permission to give attention to our soul needs… just a little bit each day.

For instance, with sleep, exercise, healthy food and disconnecting from technology for a while. All these are physical things to do, but if we focus on why we are doing them – which is to look after the body which Hashem has given us, and to have strength to do mitzvot – they actually become spiritual acts.

If you can manage to do this, you will come to an amazing realization that you will enjoy.

Is it easy? Not really.

Is it doable? Yes, but very slowly, step by step.

Let’s not get stuck with your old self, we can all learn, change and evolve just like Am Israel did.

Every day is a new day for new opportunities, to learn something new, to become more in tune with your body and the real needs on a different level than materialism.


Ask yourself: what changes can I make, to get on a track towards something better for my health?

Let me know how it goes – I always love to hear from you!


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