Rebalance After Shavuot With The Program That Knows How

Purim it is!

Purim it is...!

One of the most colorful and happies holidays in the Jewish calendar is Purim.

It is a busy, happy day and Yes! it can be challenging as it’s hard to have so many goodies around. You know that they are not good for you when you are health conscious. And when is there more of that than Purim?!

Eating mindfully is key to have a balance and for me it means enjoying what you eat and stand behind your choices, guilt free.
Life is all about finding balance, and of course it would apply for Purim as well.
Planning in advance what/how many ‘treats’ you are going to allow yourself is the name of the game and do your best to stick to it! Avoiding them will make it harder for you, unless you have your own healthy alternatives that will satisfy you without doubting yourself.

To make it easier for you, here are some Purim tips:

  • Make sure you eat breakfast properly, overnight oats or a green smoothie (add some oats/avocado/ banana to make it more filling) is a good option as it is ready to go in the morning
  • Your lunch should be ready in the fridge for you to either eat or warm-up. A filling warm soup or a bean/ quinoa salad … Just have it ready for no excuses …
  • If you eat healthy fats like avocado you will not be hungry
  • Snacks, have nuts and cut fruits handy in your handbag or wherever you are going to.
  • Your water bottle should be close to you, make sure you drink enough water and set yourself reminders not to forget on such a crazy day.
  • Seudat Purim:
    • If you are invited stick to protein, clean salad, and vegetables. If you need to make choices, make the best ones within your judgment in “what is best for my body right now”. If you are bringing something to the meal, make something you can eat, so it is easier for you.
    • If you are at home, you know what you are cooking so know in advance what you will be eating so you can keep strong.
Keep a balance and enjoy the treats you choose and Keep hydrated drinking water and teas throughout the day, will keep you fuller and be less tempted.
Remember is all about preparation and self-care for your body when you make choices.
Happy Purim


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