Rebalance After Shavuot With The Program That Knows How
reset, restore and re-balance your body



The desire for a cleanse usually hits before a Simcha or after a period of indulgences like holidays or the Yamim Tovim -seeking a weight-loss quick fix—no matter how extreme, how obviously unhealthy, or how clearly unsustainable it may be. Before you fall into that trap, consider an approach that is kind to your body and that delivers results you can actually maintain.

Create a strong healthy foundation

Focusing on inner and outer transformation requires making the foundation. Cleansing our bodies with natural measures and real food helps to create that foundation so that we can enjoy longevity, energy, and happiness!

Being healthy is something that everyone should have access to in a simple way. And when I say access, I mean that they are empowered with awareness and understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, and how to go about living it without overwhelm.

“The FULLY IN BALANCE RESET is not a liquid, shakes, pills program”

There are lots of benefits to drinking fresh juices; nutrient-dense liquids are a great way to ensure you are getting certain vitamins and minerals throughout the day. However, I like to see them as an addition to your diet, rather than the only part!
That’s why my meal plans come with fresh smoothies alongside nutrient-dense meals.

By following my suggested balanced meal plan, which leaves out heavily processed foods, but fills your plate with an abundance of delicious and nutrient-rich foods that work with your body (not against it), your body will ultimately feel more satisfied and balanced.

“When you cut out processed foods that scramble your body’s internal signaling, it should actually leave you feeling more satisfied.”

You will also be able to fine-tune your bodily signals, acting upon actual intuition and hunger signals rather than emotional hunger.

That said – when we follow a cleanse/detox diet, our bodies essentially go through withdrawal from inflammatory foods such as sugar, caffeine, wheat, and dairy. Getting rid of these toxins is a lot of work, and your body works its socks off to rid itself of them. And when it’s busy ridding itself of toxins, it is normal to feel a bit run down and experience side effects such as low energy levels and headaches.

If you do experience these withdrawal symptoms – know that they will pass! 

After a day or two, your body adjusts, and in fact, after day three you might find that you have a sudden burst of energy. This is because you start to burn stored fat instead of glucose resulting in your blood sugar and hormone levels begin to stabilize. In turn, we find ourselves sleeping better, and waking up feeling brighter and more energized.

So start listening to your body – give it that much-needed love and you may find yourself holding onto those results and benefits from my 5-day Reset for a lot longer than expected!

“you have to replace the foods you’re eliminating with foods that work for you by keeping your hormones in check, your metabolism fired up, and your gut microbiome in equilibrium.”

This reset is not a diet. It’s not a cleanse. It’s not a get-thin quick fix. It’s 5-days worth of Re-BALANCING your body with nourishing, real food meals because you want to make real changes that will help you to create a body-friendly basis going forward. For the most energetic version of yourself not only after a Simcha or the Jewish holidays but for a healthier balanced lifestyle! 

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