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Not with Fully In Balance!

Not with Fully In Balance!


I am often asked why I don’t post before and after success pictures on social media; after all, this is what people want to see, isn’t it?
The before and after don’t matter to me, and although it might matter to my client when she originally comes to me, once they finish working with me, it won’t matter anymore in the long term. Weight comes and goes, and muscle weight might increase when one starts exercising more, so in the long term the client will feel better, but my strongly held conviction is that the number on the scale is not important; it doesn’t define anyone’s wellbeing.
95% of my clients approach me because they want to lose weight. While my approach does help them lose weight, it is mainly based on guiding people to a healthier Jewish lifestyle and wellbeing.
“By implementing my FULLY IN BALANCE system, the weight will automatically drop as they are not restoring fat with the wrong nutrients, and they will naturally feel an overall improvement in many aspects of their lives”
The best part is that their family will feel it too!
As I guide and coach my clients to become their best self, including losing weight … and YES indeed they, and I, have seen amazing results.

HOWEVER when it comes to before and after pictures …

What makes a difference, and is far more important, is not the before and after, but more likely what you can learn about your body and the signals it sends you. Learning to maintain a healthy long-term lifestyle by adapting it and knowing when to enjoy a situation GUILT FREE and getting back on track with full motivation afterwards, are what is really important, and what will ultimately make you feel so much healthier – and happier!

No before and after pressure … but just AFTER healthy wellbeing to be FULLY IN BALANCE!


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