Our bodies are a wonderful miracle machine from Hashem, and as a woman, I deeply appreciate and embrace that even more. The fact that we have a cycle that works – in most cases – like a clock, and that we can conceive, and give birth to another human being, is nothing short of extraordinary. Acceptance of these capabilities adds even greater meaning to the incredible miracles that our bodies are capable of.

And while we all have the same basic body functions as every other woman, our bodies work differently for each of us, largely depending on how we treat them.
While many people think it’s important to fit in with “the crowd”, to be, look and do the same as ‘everyone else’, this is not what you need or will ever achieve.
Remember the best part about being unique is that you can contribute something special to the world which no one else can, and be your best self to your loved ones.
We just read the Parasha of “Bereshit”, where we so clearly see how Hashem created this world with so much detail, and with so much care and love. 
He created the water and land, breathtaking nature, animals and then lastly mankind and made us different to all the other creations.
“We are so precious because we are created like Hashem’s image -Btzelem Elokim”
We all know how life gets busy and we women nowadays wear many hats as wives, mothers and often working outside the house to bring in “Parnasa” as well. Juggling it all together can be very challenging and we often tend to put our own needs last. However, I have learnt firsthand, that by giving myself time and space, it gives me more strength to take care of my family from a better place. It’s not selfish to take time for myself if it helps me be a better wife and mother!
COVID-19 has made us take a step back and realize we must be more present, to be more aware of what is important, however life goes on and as we fall back into the often-stressful routine of our day to day Jewish motherhood role and we tend to lose that realization.
A lot of the women I work with come from a place of restriction, and desire to lose weight. They want to gain back control of food. They want to feel confident in what to eat and confident in their own body. It’s not easy to work on yourself which is why I am always so inspired by these women and how strong they really are… to invest in themselves and their health and truly move beyond their comfort zone. They feel empowered and make healthy, transformational changes that become a sustainable way of life.

The message I would love to shout out to the world is; the number on the scale does NOT define your worth!! Just remember your body doesn’t need to be changed, diet culture does! If you want to lose weight, do it for health reasons but YOU don’t have to wait to lose 10 pounds/kilos to be happy!!

I wish more women would know and absorb this basic truth – they would be so much happier.
Unfortunately, we tend to obsess about the things we don’t like about our bodies. How many times a week do you check yourself out in the mirror only to criticize multiple parts of your body…?

“I hate my stomach”

“My legs are too big”

A lot of the women I work with struggle with the same thing…saying things like

“I’ll never be happy until I lose X kilos”

“I’m so disgusting”

“I deserve to punish myself with a binge”

This negative self-talk is self-destructive and can fuel difficult behaviors with food like the restrict/binge cycle & feelings of guilt, stress & shame around food.

I know these thoughts are hard to stop, but do they really do you any good!?
How you treat yourself & your body is SO important for you and your family. If you come from a place of self-love and acceptance, you will be better not only with yourself but also with your husband and children.
We need to accept the way Hashem created us, which is the optimal way to fulfill our life’s purpose – and to know that we are perfect as we are. Then we can make the choices to learn how to be a better self and feel better.
In my BALANCE REDEFINED program, I guide women how to shift these thoughts and start to focus on what they LOVE about their bodies and finding their own balance. Because you are unique.
I teach my clients how to feel confident so they don’t measure their worth by the number on the scale. With no obsessing about food, you can learn to accept and love YOU for YOU because you are amazing and – after all – there is only one of you!!!

Remember you are perfect and unique because this is exactly how Hashem made you!


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