The science behind fasting

Do you know what happens to the body when is in fasting mode?

With no carbohydrates coming in, the body creates its own glucose using mainly fat. Eventually, the body runs out of these energy sources as well.

Our metabolism slows down, and our body begins burning muscle tissue for energy. Once we use up our glucose stores, our body breaks down our fat stores for energy.

Fasting has many health benefits for the body  

Benefits of 24 Hour fast:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Greater mental clarity 
  • Better digestion
  • Improved hormone profile
  • Decrease blood glucose levels
  • Decrease insulin


When we have finished our fast. We are hungry but, mainly thirsty.

Slowly drink a cup of water. If you drink too fast or overeat you will not give your body a chance to adjust.

When we haven’t eaten all day and our blood sugar is low, we will feel like we need sugar. But what our body DOESN’T need is sugar, its fuel to build up our energy stores.

If we fuel ourselves with good protein and vegetables, the craving will go away.

On the other hand, If we feed our bodies with processed carbs and refined sugars, we will not only feel heavy and exhausted, because these foods do not nourish our body on a cellular level, we will crash and continue to feel the “cravings” and eat more processed carbs and refined sugars. It’s a vicious cycle.

If you want this Yom Kippur to be different, if you want to FEEL different, your “tefilot” need for sure to be meaningful,  but  you have to also treat your body differently with the right fuel.

Wishing you an easy meaningful fast

Gmar chatima tova


Dalia Brunschwig
Dalia is a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, helping Jewish women lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle with sustainable results taking into consideration the Jewish beautiful traditions and our busy lives. She offers an amazing program Balanced Redefined that empower her clients on how to reach their goals with Dalia’s proven system and her continuous support.